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Just a thought on “black love”

When ever I see pictures of “BLACK LOVE” posted either on tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, or twitter it always depicts either a thin or muscular frame couple. If the woman is thick or shapely, the man is always still muscular. So is this saying chubby guys such a myself are not entitled to love? Is it stating that no one loves chubby guys such as myself? It’s just something I noticed and wanted to address. I feel some type of whenever I see so called “black love”. It’s complete bullshit in my book. Theres all this fat woman pride but not fat guy pride. where are the men that are proud to be a fat guy? where are the pics dedicated to us? thats why i started the whole Fat Fly and Cocky movement. but it sadly never caught on because there are no dudes out there that will say “hell yea I’m fat, chicks still love me and I’m flier than a flock of fuckin birds”. But you know what? I will still say that I am fat fly and cocky. Cus I am. I love myself, I love my style, and I lie my size. I will strut the beach and let my belly hang. I will have sex with any size woman butt ass naked and not be ashamed of my body. Black love? HA. Is only a certain boy sized man can be loved by a woman then you can keep “black love” it’s all about me love around here. Ok, my rant is done.